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Can you tell me a few facts about Aztec diet? Some pros and cons? Can this diet, that we all know that is Ancient really work in today’s modern world?

What are some medical reviews? Is this really worth to try?

I really need some pros and cons for this one, so if you are able to tell me, please feel free to do that :)

Anyone here currently follows this diet?

I have some plans with it, but I am not sure is this one right for me, is this one really works?

Inform me about pros and cons, I would be very thankful.



I found this diet very successful if you ask me. I am pretty happy with it, because I was following it when I was 27, after I gave a birth to my first baby, and I have lost my weight. It is easy to follow, and yes, old, ancient diet really can work in modern world :)

Pros : you have really easy meal plan and it is easy to follow. It also has over 100 delicious, amazing recipes that you can find. Aztec diet promotes healthy eating habits that easily can become your lifestyle. You use very simple ingredients, and the great thing is that you can find them on the market very easy.

Cons : Well, you should know that chia seed is not that cheap, it is a little bit expensive. Someone might say that chia seeds are not backed by scientific research.

I really hope that I helped you make your decision.

Good luck! 



Hey there,

Well, let me join this topic :) So far, chia seeds are something that I like the most. It is expensive, that is true, and I don’t have always money to buy this one, but when I do, I always buy it. I mix it with almost very grocery in every meal. Of course, you will always find pros and cons.

Well, I know more pros and cons as well :) Pros : chia seeds are an amazing source of omega 3 fats, and we all know about health benefits. In the first phase you will probably lose your pounds quickly, which is good because that will give you motive to continue with this plan and program.  Also, you will get a lot of recipes and meal plans. Amazing, right?

Cons: it is expensive. The first phase is strict, and you will need to eliminate most of solid foods. But, you will get used on it. Sometimes, maybe you will experience some bloating because of the fiber from chia seeds.

And, basically that is it.