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Hello, I am a freshman in highschool, and I am the shortest in my class, I have no body hair other than some wispy hairs in pubic region. All of my friends are taller, have deeper voices, and have body hair. I get teased because I am short, and not very physically mature. If I am starting to get hair in my pubic region does that mean I will start to notice other changes soon? Another thing, is it possible that my diet may be affecting my growth? I am vegetarian and drink soy milk instead of cow milk, I know soy has estrogen, so is it possible that estrogen is counteracting or slowing down my growth hormones? If so, what can a change in my diet? I am vegetarian for moral reasons so I am not open to eating meat.


Hi Guest,

If you are noticing pubic hair then it is a good sign it is starting.  Soon you'll be hitting your growth spurt and "catching up."

Your vegetarian diet likely DOES have something to do with this but not in the way you think.  You are the normal one.  Your friends are the ones all full of hormones.  Virtually all beef, poultry, etc., (and milk) nowadays has hormones added to it, even if not intentionally.

The age of onset of puberty has decreased considerably.  Some studies show that puberty is now starting 1 year earlier than it did as little as 15 years ago.

You are much better off with what you are eating.  You are at a lower risk of cancer and other health problems.  Keep it up!

You are normal sir, very normal.

Hope it helps.