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i am fifteen years old and my penis has not grown a bit i have pubic hair but not fully and i want to do oral sex but i cant because i am embaressed is there a problem with me?


Relax, you are normal. Maybe you're a later "bloomer" than the median. (The median is just that. Around 13-ish.) Means that half adolescents will start to go through puberty earlier, the other half later. You probably belong to the "later" half.

Benefits include the possibility that you will finish growing later, too, which might mean you'll end up with an above-average sized penis. (No promises, though)

How long ago did your pubic hair start to grow?
How long is your penis now? (Measure when erect, from the upper surface of where it comes out from your groin, to inline with the end.)
Has it grown at all?
Can you orgasm and ejaculate, yet?

I would suggest that if you are this uncertain about your penis status, it's possibly a bit early to think about oral sex. Or any kind of sex.
Take it for a few solo test drives first. ;-)