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Hi guys,
I've been looking all around for a good forum to talk about my problem and I think I have found it.
Now, let me explain the condition I am in.
Everyday I wake up and look at myself. Did I grow more hair, did I become taller perhaps? My parents have told that I have grown taller, I do not notice it though. I am around 5 "10 ish. I think that that is average height? Well anyways, let me continue. I am 15 now, and I keep hearing my friends talk about their sexual experiences and their girlfriends. When I hear this, I do not want to sound lame so I make something up. This hurts me, I do not like lying, but I do not like to be the "underdog" here. My biggest fear is when a girl should see my penis. I do not know what to do when that should happen. It is around 5 inches erect, and it frustrates me- a lot. I am good looking I have been told, but I do not have the means to back it up so to speak. I barely have hair on my lips, and my friends keep telling me how big etc... Which I think is kind of strange, but anyways. My big question is, am I a late bloomer? I am 15 years old, but my friends who are the same age as me and are as tall as me are "bigger". I do not know what to do, I am lost. I look young too,but I have pubic hair, not a lot and a bit of armpit hair. So, once again, am I a late bloomer?

Thanks guys, I'll appreciate any help.


I was a late bloomer as well. I didn't hit puberty until I was about 16. Don't let your friend experiences get you down just because they say they have done it doesn't make it true or right. A 5 inch penis for a 15 year old boy isn't bad as you get older and farther into puberty it will grow. There are men who are in their 30's, 40's and 50's who cannot even grow facial hair it could be genetics. Don't lie about your sexual experiences it's not a bad thing to be a virgin. I was very impressed with this post you seem like an intelligent young man and I commend you on being a virgin at your age.


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unknown is absolutley right

you have ABSOLUTLY nothing to be ashamed of.
I was also a late bloomer and everything works out fine some people just develope faster than others. and as for "big" im not sure what you mean are you refering to penis size? remember never compare yourself to things you see on tv or the internet and also a penis looks bigger at different angles so when you look down on your penis it looks smaller than if you see someone elses (does that make sense)

also great job on being a virgin sex is NEVER SOMETHING TO RUSH INTO there is tons of responsibility invoulved. im 22 and still a virgin. you want it to be something special and when the times right you will know. many people including me believe to stay absent (a virgin_till marrige) that way then you do have sex it will be with someone you really truly love and appreciate.