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I had cataract surgery almost a week ago and was told in my 1 day post op appt that everything looks perfect. I don't feel that way though. I have never worn contacts or glasses so don't have anything to compare it to but my daughter asked me if I felt like I was looking through a fish bowl. That is exactly what it feels like. Was told that it would go away when my dialated eyes went back to normal but it has been 5 days and I still see the same way. it is very uncomfortable and don't feel like I can see any better. My vision is clearer but feel like I am walking around with a magnifying glass in my eye (or looking through water) and have to be careful where I walk. Is this normal and is it possible that the lens flipped when it was put into my eye and not noticed?


It is unlikely the lens flipped.

You need to remember that you're eye is healing. It underwent significant trauma. I think you'll just need to give it a little more time.

When is your next followup?