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is it ok to eat canned. Asparagus tips or canned leaf spinich.  What about salt and/ or pepper. Thank you.


Hi Plou,

I would avoid salt/pepper, especially pepper, since all spicy food  isn't good, and salt since he is one of the causes of cancer, maybe in really small doses.  Concerning canned food I don't see why not if they belong  in foods that are low in fiber, soft and easy to digest will help to decrease your risk of diarrhea. The University of Michigan Health System suggests eating applesauce, pasta, white rice, white bread, pretzels, refined cooked cereals, yogurt, cheese and peanut butter. Also this is list of food you should avoid: Raw vegetables, Skins and peels of fruit (fruit flesh is OK), Dairy products, Very high fiber food such as wheat bran cereals and breads, Beans, peas, and lentils, Cakes, pies, cookies, and other sweets, High fat and fried food such as fried chicken, sausage, and other fatty meats.

hope this helped.