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I'm a 17 year old girl who's been smoking cannabis for around 4 years, 3 years every day! I never planned on quitting smoking weed as I enjoy it, i realise that i need to quit smoking for the sake of my education as they say 'im smoking myself stupid'. i quit roughly 2 weeks ago, I started with insomnia, and now have constant headaches, dizzyness and now extreme nausea, I was wondering if this is normal? As I haven't seen much about nausea on the Internet


don't get me wrong. weed is good for you, but it appears you started at a very young age when your mind was and is still peaking in development. you're not used to sobriety and it'll take a while to adjust. because you are still developing, it shouldn't take too long before you start feeling normal again. 

think about it: you spent FOUR years of crucial development under the influence of weed, you take it out of the equation and what do you have? exactly the symptoms you're enduring. in time, this too shall pass...idk if you are the kind of person to get hooked easily, but if you have discipline, try taking a one hit, just so the adjustment isn't so sudden. but then again you're two weeks in so might as well ride it out. But i am not a doctor so don't take my recommendations seriously.

fortunately, you're still blossoming as an individual so as i said before, you'll be able to adjust....unless there are other outside factors, health conditions, etc. involved. 

research research research. i'm sure youll find something