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Hiya. I have puffed away every night for the last 18 years. I gave up 6 weeks ago with vitually no marijuana withdrawal symptoms which was great. However 6 weeks later I still cannot sleep. I had been used to having 8 hours a night and the sleeping pills the Doc has given me knock that back to 6 hours a night and I feel hungover the next day. I don't want to take them but cannot sleep without them...catch 22 situation.I have tried everything from relaxation to meditation, detoxing, exercise, affirmation, prayer. Read books on insomnia and recently books on addiction. Still a natural sleep eludes me every night and my nights and days are just awful due to sleep deprivation. The Doc recently put me onto Amitriptyline. After 1 5mg does it gave me an irregular heartbeat. Just when I thought I found hope, I lost it again and depression is setting in well and truly He has not at this point offered and alternative but is there one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Am I expecting too much after 6 weeks and will I ever regain a natural sleep. I need some hope !!


:-D I hope you are feeling better with your symptoms and going well.I have been smoking grass regularly for a similar time to your self and have decided to give it up.I am also experiencing sleep change and dreams etc and also headaches.My theory is that there is a build up of hystamine response to marajuana in the sinus/head area and as there is no longer use of marajuana there is an imbalance chemically and this is contibuting to headaches & sleeploss etc. I feel exercise is helping me and my sleep is getting better after not smoking for 4 weeks ,but im not back to normal yet. I was also drinking a significant volume of beer ,but ive cut right back also which isnt
The marajuana i used was strong hydro and believe me people who say it dosnt have an affect on the body are ignorant.Im now 41 and have decided its time to give it up,its not easy but im sure i will win,i hope you are winning,your not alone
Hang in there


I've given up smoking Cannabis (strong Green), 3 weeks ago after smoking for 24 years..I am 42 and have Graves Disease, (Ironic for an ex Gothy Chick!) I was fine, tho I was angsty, had no appetite and so rly craved a doob badly..vicious circle of being stressed I think..I still do crave one at certain times (especially at night)..but they usually pass after a few minutes..and I have found distraction the best tactic..

My problem is Sleep..I am having the most vivid dreams and nightmares..and disrupted sleep, this has only been for the last few days, I would have thought this would have occurred closer to when I had stopped?..I'm quite stressed, which doesnt help my illness (It's Stress Fed)..and I rly need sleep or I can't function properly the next day..I was fine until the last couple of days, cos I expected most of the withdrawal symptoms to be over by now..I kno this wont happen overnight, but is this normal for symptoms to appear after so long?..and does anyone kno how long the effects of withdrawal will actually last?

Whoever said Cannabis wasnt addictive, was wrong..or never smoked the proper stuff a strong willed person..and it's not been easy..all I want to do now is give up the cigs too!

Well done for going through the so sure it only gets better and your strength and willpower increases every day you dont give in..keep it up..put your money aside that you would have spent on it and treat yourself to something nice out of it as a reward, it's what I am going to do..and looking forward to it!



Hiya. Really nice to get your replies and a happy new year. When I posted my query on sleep deprivation, I was only 6 weeks into it. Now, I am 10 months into it and there is much water under the bridge. The chemical imbalance created when you give up weed is exactly it. There is also 'Paws' to contend with which is post acute withdrawal syndrome. I was told that the original withdrawal symtpoms come back to greet you at 3,6,9,12 months and so on. The length of time it takes for one to recover from addiction is an individual thing. The drug and alcohol centre could not understand why 5 months later I still had horrendous sleep problems, nor could my Doctor. They had no one to compare me with as no one had gone for as long as I had with such problems. The whole thing was an absolute living hell and at 5 months I was truly in desperation mode. I went back to the weed and at first it didnt work.What I thought was my salvation became my damnation.I had to supplement with a pill or natural remedy as well. Everything I took worked well until I built up a tolerance about 3 weeks later.The weed finally worked on its own after about 10 weeks and then I was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance. Little wonder I have had soooooo much trouble with the sleep issue back then. A chemical and hormone imbalance . Now I mostly go off to sleep ok ( on the weed) but am waking up 2-4 times a night. If I can manage to balance out the hormone issue, I will try again to give the weed up but further down the track. I am pleased 2007 is over :-))


I smoked this c**p since i left school 19yrs ago, the last 5 years I smoked a lot less than I used to, but i threw my last bag of c**p out the window of my car tipping the bag out into the wind and said I’m finished with you.
I have been training hard at the gym 4 times a week for 3years and within a few days of giving up on new years eve, I started to notice that I was chatting to people more freely, I chat to girls when I’m out more too, so I am just focusing on the good bits.

I started having bad and vivid dreams a few weeks into it but I will live with that, the loss of thinking no one would want to talk to me more than makes up for that.. While the dreams are bad and vivid I will deal with it.

the oddest thing i have noticed is the time I think about it most is when i have trained hard at the gym and I’m coming towards the end of training and am tired, it’s funny really that I should think about it then, when I have just rewarded myself with a work out.

I have told all my friends who smoke to stay away as they seem to encourage you to start again, jealous that you gave up and they think they can't, other than the dream I have only seen positives, I plan to give it about another 8 weeks from now and then give up smoking fags.

all i can say is bare with it, what ever imbalances there are will straighten themselves out, just make sure after you hard work to give up, you do not let a mate lite up in your house or pass you a spliff, or even leave you a bit on your lounge table, which is what i found caused me to start again in the past.

This time i made a psychological decision to throw the weed away and say I HAVE FINISHED WITH YOU TIME TO MOVE ON, even though i had just left a mates house and he was about to drive 90miles to get a bag of weed, i told him two weeks later what i had done and he was upset saying I should have given it to him, giving it to him would not have been giving up, giving up was finishing my relationship with this c**p.

But ask yourself this, would you drive 90miles for a cuppa tea? I'm glad i did not give him my last weed and i'm glad i disposed of it in the way i did, i finished with it and no one else was able to smoke it

Keep it up life will be better without it, who wants to sit at home monged, quite, paranoid, I mean come on tell me one good thing about smoking weed, there are none that I can see unless you have MS


I stopped smoking hash and weed two months ago after 20 years of smoking every day and it has been a very, very difficult and draining experience. The main problem by far has been the dreams - not nightmares as such, but continuous, very vivid, very involving and very emotionally draining. Most mornings I'm glad to wake up so I can have a rest! The dreams leave me feeling washed out and anxious. One explanation for this sympton is that if you are smoking gear every day, you are not 'processing' stuff in an emotional sense, you are blocking it out. When you stop, the build up of unaddressed issues then starts to be processed - hence the vivid dreams. The longer you smoked for the longer it will take before the dreams stop. It's not easy to wake up every day feeling so washed out but I feel it is a price I must pay to get back to a state of drug-free normality - the prospect of which fills me with curiosity and excitement. I don’t believe alternative medication to relieve these symptoms is the answer.
Peace & Love & Good Luck.


My god!!! I have been a chronic smoker on and off for 35 years. I gave it up in 88-91 for testing reasons and I do not remember a problem. I gave it up again (no supply or supplier) in 97 for a month or 2, no problem. I gave it up for 10 days in 2005, no problem. I gave it up hopefully for good (at least habitually) 2 weeks ago. I smoked very little, but everyday after work. On weekends I would sttart after I finished my house chores and showered; usually around 11.

I am now having these vivid gut wrenching dreams, they all involve people I know and often involve them smoking pot. I am a very strong willed person (I am almost 50). I have a very important job and I am told I am probably the engineer in my field in the country by all the agencies that perform oversite on my field. There are more than one.

My sleep patterns have fallen to c**p, I thought it was the reefer giving me anxiety, and feeling like a piece of c**p w/the powder urine on me constantly in case of a random. I am very frank w/my doctor and this is what is beginning to work: 1/2 to 1 mg of xanax complimented with , on occasion, 30 mg of restoril. I know I have the risk of a benzo dependency, but it is legal when they test me and I am careful. I can taper off the benzos when the time comes. Anyhow, those dreams, never before have I had such vivid colorful experiences while I was asleep. Last night I was on an airplane going somewhere and people I knew were smoking reefer on the plane! At least we were in first class. I even got lost in the airport. From reading the other postings I guess this will continue for a while. I do get a restful 6 to 7 hours. I find I sleep best on 1.5 mg of xanax w/o the restoril. I am also taking Wellbutrin (the pot made me lament continually until I was crying at leat once an evening, it sucked). A side effect of the WellbutrinXL is it stops cravings, they give it to nicotine addicts. My Dr is very understanding and she tells me that this is an ok evil to deal with and it is much better to stop smoking pot. I feel I am holding a wolf by the ears, I got a good grip, but it is STILL A WOLF! Any thoughts????

PS, if I disclose who I am then many people may figure out who I am by what I do and I can lose my job. All I can say is that I am the last person you would think was a chronic pothead.



I have been a smoker for 27 years sometimes a very heavy user, I cut down and then stopped smoking about 6 weeks ago and now i am having my whole life played back to me.
These are the most vivid dreams that i have known as i cannot tell the difference between reality and dream, some times i have as many as three a night. I have been looking for dead friends, things that people have accused/believed/possibilities of me that i have not done and things i have, girlfriends who have slept around to being chased in unreal 2004 games, i some times have dreams start when i still think i am awake. some i can deal with but others leave me so shocked and exhausted, emotionally and physically. I try to catch up on my sleep in the day but i am back in the same place.

I have been told to ignore the dreams and realise that they are dreams and i do, but i ask any one here who has suffered this, how do you deal with the mentall and physicall toll that these cause after so many nights i am shattered, stressed to the max(but hold it down as this is my battle) and exhausted with no end in sight.

Good luck all that give up and all those that want to start - dont. if you think there is no addiction then why do we go to the ends of the earth and smoke the henna and diesel based junk that is offered when supply is short

mjd - uk


As the subject indicates, antihistamines have been doing a fairly consistent job for me. I've tried what feels like dozens of different sleep aids, prescription and over the counter, and Benadril (like Tylenol PM without the Tylenol) treat me pretty decently. Just took some now, in fact. I've been having really vivid dreams too, and I wish I could offer a solution...

Listen all you cats (especially you kids - which includes twenty-somethings - even though you think you've got it all figured out) there are profound reasons why you're smoking enough weed to be posting here about withdrawals. Don't kid yourself. Start therapy and find out what you're hiding from by chronically numbing yourself. I repeat: if you smoke enough to experience withdrawals when you stop, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. That's what addiction is: numbing the emotions that make life less than delightful all the time.

Hey kids, I PROMISE you: you think you're a perfectly functional addict? Well, if you don't chill out on the sh*t, you'll find yourself all grown up, still smoking, wondering why you aren't as successful as you always assumed you'd be. And believe me, nothing feels worse. But you know what? I used to be just like you, a cocky little sh*t who thought I was smarter than people who've been around longer than I'd been alive. So I don't expect you to react with anything but distain for my me and my advice. You'll eat sh*t one day, mark my words. And half of you will be strung out on heroin or meth, by the way. And no self-respecting chick is gonna want to deal with that sh*t, so prepare to be single...

Oh and hey, to the 21-year-old who posted in one of the other pot topics, I don't know any straight A geniuses who don't know that 'you are' put together is 'you're,' not 'your.' Might wanna rethink your confident declarations of mental agility, yeah? When you become a grownup, you'll find that the successful people who smoke dope every night are few and far between. They're lucky. You are probably not.

(The above is directed at the little dumbasses who think Snoop Dogg is the sh*t cause he drops bomb rhymes while smoking like a chimney.)

To my man who's been smoking for 27 years, my heart goes out. I started smoking every day when I was thirteen, and now, at 34, I simply ain't as on top of my sh*t as I should be.

All I can say about the intense dreaming is that your subconscious has some long-latent sh*t to work out, and it's been waiting for you to come out of your haze and deal with it. Get some therapy, read Carl Jung, and best of luck, truly. You WILL get into a better space. The interim sucks. Millions of us are with you all the way. Peace, brother.


I stopped smoking pot on a dime after having a dream that my girlfriend that I broke up with was dating other men. It has been 3 or 4 weeks now and the anxiety has kicked in. All day long I am thinking of her and she live 3 1/2 hours away and doesn't want to be with only me. I go up there and I cry most of the time. I can't sleep. Tonight I went to sleep for 1 hour then I woke up with a terrible dream I just had of my dog going rabbit and then died. I believe this is the start to a long recovery road. I am a massage therapist and help people on a daily basis feeling better inside there skin. I don't know what the answer to this one is. I have lost 6 pounds when I already have a very low body fat count. I am so in love with my girl griend but she is tired of being with a pot smoker and thinks I already killed to many brain cells. All I want to do is be with her and when I'm with her all I do is cry. The scary part is how long this could last. I am really glad I can go online and read like stories. It is a little scary that there hasn't been many or any real success story. I will do my best to be one.


I too have smoked weed for 11 years and have taken the BIG step to only 8 days inn but things were going well last week, but this week is a bloody nightmare iv'e had two nights where iv not had much sleep at all and with 2 kids to run around after its hard...but i am going to do it...the first 5 days was easy iv not really wanted any at all' but as the sleep thing is kicking in i do feel like giving in and going to get some but im not going can take up to 38 days 4 your body to be weed free....i no iv still got the really bad nightmares to come witch can last any thing from 1 week or 4 weeks...i no all this because iv given up b4 but as soon as the nightmares stop i no i will be weed free 4 good....GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL, ITS ALL IN THE MIND..IF I CAN DO IT YOU ALL CAN DO IT TOO.....XXXXX 8-|


i've been smoking virtually every night for six years and i have a drug test coming up. oh god, its irritable, i cant sleep, im nauseated, its killing me, im glad your doing ok with it


Hi to all of you. I've found your posts in this thread both hard to read and very helpful. My heart goes out to all of you. I am suffering from similar problems. I has smoked every day for 19 years until last October when I decided (for the 1000th time) that I had to give up. I had noticed that I wasn't socialising as much, that I was feeling jaded in the mornings and that I arranged my whole life around the availability of pot.

Since October I have cut down to smoking about 4 nights a week on average. I have periods of up to two weeks clean but during these times I have found sleep wont come or if it does, my dreams are exhaustingly vivid. I found the suggestion that this is because you avoid processing emotions while you're smoking a really interesting explanation of why I am suddenly bombarded with these vivid dreams.

I am an acupuncture student but some reason I didn't think of using acupuncture to help with withdrawal for some time. I think I just didn't want to talk to anyone about it. Anyway, during the last two weeks I have started seeing an acuncturist/chinese herbalist and it is helping loads. She has given some herbal pills called Suan Zao Ren Tang which is a Chinese sleep remedy ( and has been good for me. The Chinese have a very interesting way of thinking about pot withdrawal that would take quite a while too explain but because they have specific theories that explain why ppot withdrawal would cause sleep deprivation and vivid dreams in people who have smoked for a long time it means that they can treat it. Western medicine doesn't really have an explanation so the treatments are pretty generic like sleeping pills (which are just chemically nasty!).

The acupuncture that I have had so far has bought up some really unexpected emotional stuff that dates from around the time I started smoking heavily. I would never have said that I smoked to avoid emotional issues but I am beginning to wonder now whether it was not always a good way for me to avoid dealing with stuff. So, I also agree with the post that suggests seeking therapy if you are someone who thinks they would engage well through that.

I really recommend acupuncture and Chinese herbs. But if you do see a practitioner make sure they have experience with pot smokers. It's not something that all practitioners would have experience of.

The very best to all of you. I wish that I never started smoking or decided to believe that pot is not an addictive substance.


hi all, this is an interesting thread!!

perhaps most of the posters here, like me, found their way by googling. it would be nice for some of the older posts to be updated but i guess that things mostly got better for those people (no news is good news after all).

my story begins with casual use becoming daily use in around 1992, and me finding it hard to go a day without from there on in. i have mostly stuck to hash for reasons of economy but have gone through a six month phase of skunk which i realised takes us to a whole new level of addiction. maybe like smack vs methadone? in that period i have "given up" three times, each time for around six months, and am currently five days into the turkey (this time enforced by a chronic sore throat).

the dreams.
for me an equal mix of random/happy/anxiety types, all coming thick and fast leaving me feeling rather less rested than usual (usual being after a couple of BIG bongs). i know from experience that the sleeping/dreaming issues will peak at around one to two weeks and after three or four months things for me will be ok again, sleep wise that is. i am a fairly level kinda guy and certainly not a tormented soul, but can well imagine how disturbing the anxiety dreams could be for some of you. i imagined nazis getting me to blow myself up last night but in the dream i resisted and blah blah wasn`t so bad (pretty random though, i don`t think about nazis when awake but i guess they are a fairly standard bit of "evil" symbolism - bit naff really - could be dinosaurs tonight! :D ) other dreams are fun/empowering and i will be thinking of kylie tonight as i drift off . i always make sure i am tired before even going to bed and usually get to sleep ok initially but from around four in the morning sleep is pretty poor. having a busy life and shed hobbies helps with generating fatigue, as does extended strenuous exercise, but i remember hard times in past "attempts" getting to sleep. for those struggling to even get to sleep i would suggest reading, soduko, tax returns, whatever but don`t even go to bed till you`re tired, that way you should get at least some restful sleep.

i have not been a spliff/refer smoker for many years as i gave up tobacco in 2001 and have always preferred bongs from the very start, i like the HIT 8) , but we all really know the first of the day is the only one that really satisfies this urge? mine would usually be fairly soon after coming home from work or 8.00am at weekends!!! . smoking hash all these years certainly has caused me to do/achieve less then i would have done straight but that really clouds the true picture; i am a successful happy person with people who i love and love me back in my life and no demons. without hash i am sure my life would not have been "better", but different yes; it seems to "suit" my personality (i am sure some of you know what i am trying to say). i would describe myself as a functional hash addict and only ever wanted to give up for health grounds ( a hash habit is fairly cheap to feed in bongs at £35 to £50 an ounce) but have clearly failed three times, it is tricky as my wife smokes and i would not expect her to give up just to make my try easier. i have not yet committed to giving up this time (the sore throat is healing quickly!) but i absolutely will not smoke again when i reach forty next year and plan to reward myself loads etc etc (new motorbike, holidays etc).

think i`m done now but i will be back periodically to check the posts of other tortured insomniac souls, final message?



This is a really good thread and firstly just wanna say hi to everyone trying to kick the weed and also to the lucky souls who have managed it.

I started when i was 15 or so back in 1995 which for my generation was the time when gangster rappers like warren G, Snoop and such artist started being more mainstream over here.
Now im not going to say that there cool tracks about smoking up was the reason i started because it wasnt.
Although as a 15-16 year old i felt it made it a hell of alot cooler to do so.

I actually started in the supervision of my old man who has smoked it himself for years.
I didnt meet him till i was like 15 years old so i had a bit of a smoke with him then and must say i kinder enjoyed the experiance, even though it was probably more of a high just having a dad at the time.

It was the solid stuff which used to cost 15 pound an eighth and used to be quite mellow compared to the stuff i get now.
That would be skunk weed which i get in ten bags usually.

Now ive always been a person with what i would describe as a real addictive personality so it didnt suprise me that after time without even realising it i became addicted to not smoking it.
Which i think is a good way to discribe it.

Yes its not like the addictions of heroin or smoking ciggs but its something else.
Ive known for years that its been holding back my life. Relationships falling apart, costing me around three grand a year and basicly having no drive ambition or motivation.
Lost many jobs as ive worked mostly in sales and you guys know what the mornings are like.
Now ive tried to quit alot of times and have probably failed due to fact that its dam scary, when you have done something every day for over ten years to suddenly not do it.
And probably the weakness of my personality aswell.
My mind races so fast and sleep is the worst part of it, i think about everything all at once and start to worry about things that id never thought about before.

If i leave the tv on i concetrate on that so i dont sleep and when i turn it off i have my own mind and the noises of outside to deal with.
No sleep then ultra bordom kicks in and i just cant handle it.
Its really weird how green makes a c**p dvd watchable and a good dvd great.
Ill eventually give in and think just one more time man then ill quit.
I seem to be kidding myself every day and the fun social aspect of it has turned into something else altogether its no longer a want but a need to get through the evening.
I mostly get stoned on my own now as all my friends have really taken it to be a more personal drug as ive got older its become less sociable and just a part of life like smoking a ciggerete of having a bowl of cornflakes in the morning.
Theres a reason why they call it mentally addictive cause it drives you mental lol.
Anyways that made feel better i hope i havant put anyone off trying to give up i just hope it might sway some people from starting, cause belive me i might be abit weak minded but ive seen stronger friends not cope after smoking for years.
Have a laugh with it when your young and then leave it alone.
Tomorrow is day 1 again cause in the middle of this i needed a joint so i went and got some more.
I think i may need counciling lol take care all.

Dale....excuss the grammer spelling ect......