I think I have generally had weak wrists all my life and they generally ache a bit from time to time, however, the pain in my left wrist started to get worse and worse and then one day last summer i was carrying a few too many plates and i felt my hand bend back to far and then a sudden shooting pain in my wrist,

 nurse suggested a repetitive strain and gave me a tubi grip and told me to take it easy, but I'll be fine even though couldn't even eat with that hand for a couple of days but whatever,so a year later still getting aches and sudden sharp pain in top left side preventing me from carrying out simple everyday tasks I.e. picking up the kettle or making the bed i do it because i have no choice but it is not comfortable..

 then a week ago i noticed the bone is sticking out on that side no idea how long it has been like that, i have had no swelling or bruising so not a sprain ..... now the reason i am posting this is because i would very much like your opinions as to whether or not it is worth checking it out at the doctors as i am but a poor lowly care assistant lol and only want to spend the money if entirely necessary... if anybody has any idea as to whether or not i should be going to the doctor i would be truly grateful even in yes or no answers please thank you very much if you have read this post