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I have root canals and crowns on my two top front teeth. One has no problems but the other has been having a pressure/pain feeling for several weeks and the gums have receded some and look/feel irritated. The dentist found nothing on x-ray or exam. I wondered if I may have a fractured root. Would that cause gum problems? What should I do next?


Hi there,

You have to understand that gums can hurt for many reasons, but concerning that you had previous problems with teeth your gum pain might be related to it. How long ago did you had root canals? If your X ray didn’t find any fractures in the root that this is not what is causing your problems with gums. Have you been taking any pain killers to ease the pain in your mouth? I would suggest that you see if there is on infection in your mouth. Have you noticed any blood that is summing from your gums? How often do you brush your teeth? I know that brushing too often might in some cases lead to receding gums.