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Hi I am 25 yrs old. I had done cosmetic cavity filling for my teeth 3-4 months back. For sometime everything was ok but suddenly i noticed that puss was cuming out from my lower (front) teeth. Now it frequently keeps cumin out from my lower teeth i.e daily whenever i press the gums little puss cums out and also bleeding is there from gums. i visited the same Dr. who did cavity filling for my teeth. Dr had removed x-ray of my lower teeth but she said she cannot c anything and gave me gel to apply on my teeth. Hexigel & Orasep gel. I apply it but it is not working. I strongly feel that all my gum problems started only after when i did my cavity filling. Please tell me what to do as i am very worried.


Hi guest,

I'm not sure of what type of doctor you are seeing but in this case I'd suggest a periodontist.  They specialize in the gums.

Puss is not a good sign.  It indicates a severe infection which can make you ill.  The puss pockets will need to be cleaned. 

I urge you to get this done quickly.  If you postpone it can lead to severe gum disease, loss of the bones supporting the teeth, and eventually loss of the teeth themselves.

Hope it helps.


Hi thanks for your reply. I do not know what is peridontist. Can u please tell me where to go for it coz i am getting pain in that infected area. I told my Dr. about it she said to do root canal for it. I reside in Chakala Adheri East Mumbai Maharashtra India. I am very worried about it. Please giv me the contact detils.


Hi Guest,

I an in the US and don't know of who to contact in India, sorry.  Is there a licensing board for dentists that you can refer too?

A periodontist is a dentist that specializes in gums.  If you can't find a periodontist then try an oral surgeon.  You need someone in treating gum disease.  Pockets of puss should not be forming.

I did a Google search and there is at least one, a Dr. Sakpal in West Mumbai.  I don't know how close that is for you.  I'm not referring you to them, I do not know who they are, it is just a name I found.  

I would consult with them before the root canal is done.  This is past "cosmetic dentistry."

Keep us posted, good luck.



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