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My gum is in recession and i need to see the gum specialist , if this happened you can you please give advise and tips



I suggest you get to the periodontist right away and get checked out. I have had gum surgery due to malpractice from a dentist and had to undergo painful crown lengthening surgery so don't wait for things to get worse.
They will show you the correct way to brush, floss, etc. Most of the time, it can be turned around. Most likely they will have to do a thorough cleaning. It isn't the most pleasant experience but a far cry from gum surgery.
I now pop a COQ10 capsule in my mouth and swish it around every morning.This has totally gotten rid of the pockets between my teeth and gums. My dentist was amazed at the difference. I didn't buy any of the toothpastes I have seen advertised with COQ10 mixed in. I actually was already taking COQ10 for heart health and instead of just swallowing the capsule, I now pop it open, swish it around and let it sit on my gums for about a minute and then swallow it.
Most of the time people aren't flossing right and once you learn how to care for your teeth and gums things will be just fine.