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I'm 12. I was in bed, at around 2AM, trying to sleep, and all of a sudden, my heart started beating really fast. And you know how sometimes you can feel your heart beat in your wrist or your neck? well this time i felt it in my lower chest, and I wasn't even trying to feel it, it just happened.I'm very confused. Any help would we awesome <3


It's normal 4 your heart to beat faster than normal when u r doing exercise, if u r stressed, anxious or have a fever.

I had a rapid heartbeat 4 about a week once. I could also feel it beating without putting my hand to my heart.

I went to the doctor but he didn't know what was causing this. He said if it didn't go away after a few days i should come back. It went away after a week.

I've never had the problem since.

If this worries u or it happens again i suggest u go to ur doctor.