Okay so on the 15th December I didn't have sex but I did other stuff with my boyfriend, it wasn't the first time but for some reason after this day I began worrying. Two weeks later I had a solid week where I couldn't eat due to nausea so bad. And this is when I began to wonder if I could be pregnant. I then had a full blown bout of glandular fever which lasted two weeks. I came on my period a bit earlier than I should have but it lasted five days and was a little light too. So I took a pregnancy test which turned out negative. A week or two later I began to get quite bloated, extreme fatigue, occassional nausea, abdominal cramps, constipation, headaches, feeling down. frequent urination, excessive thirst etc. I went to my doctor who diagnosed me with IBS and potential anxiety disorder and said it was just related to the post viral, but from what I've read it doesn't cover all of my symptoms. So I took another test, again negative. I then got my second period which was perfectly normal, not lighter or shorter or earlier. After this the symptoms just got worse, and the bloating especially. So I did two more tests which were negative as well. I have just had my third period and it was a bit early but still normal. I've been feeling quite nauseous, bloated and fatigued for the past few days and it seems to be getting increasingly worse.  But I've had tests for diabetes, anaemia, vitamin d, b, etc which all came back fine.

I can't go to the doctors and ask about pregnancy because of my parents, I'm only 15.

It sounds completely ridiculous and I know it but hearing other peoples stories about having periods throughout pregnancy makes me paranoid.