Hi, could I be pregnant if I've had my period for two months already? Last two months I had oral sex only, no penetration at all, but there could be a little of my partner's pre-cum transferred from the lips to my vagina when my partner & I were kissing & he gave me oral sex. I know this might sound silly, but I'm quite concerned if the transfer of precum on my vagina from my partner's lips could make me pregnant. After that activity, I've had my period for two months. Both had regular flow, cramps and somewhat on time (this month was only 2-3 days late). I've tested for pregnancy a number times (urine tests) a few days before & during the time my period is due for this month, but all came out negative. I've not experienced any pregnancy symptoms like nausea or breast tenderness etc., only feeling bloated for almost a month and sometimes a little discomfort in my lower belly, and my belly gets a bit bigger (not sure if that's fat). Would love to hear kind comments please. Thanks.