Hi there my last period was 13th september which lasted 5-6Days then i just had another one on the 13th october and it only lasted 3 days now my cycles are on a regular 28day cycle i have been hving unprotected sex with my husband for about 6months now but i did a test today and it was negative maybe i tested too early %-) but i have got some symptoms of pregnancy i feel sick to my stomach but not actually being sick i have a bloated stomach i have felt tiny movements like as though someones scraping in my lower part (vaginal area) and i am eating unusal foods like curry and mushrooms which i must eat everyday i am 26yrs old and do have 3kids already but usually i know when i missed my period just this time we are actually trying for a baby but maybe i tested too early u reckon or maybe im not preg and its all in my head????