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I'm a 17-year-old girl. I exercise almost every day and I eat relatively healthy.

Lately (the last month and a half or so) I've been feeling some pain when I'm taking deep breaths. The pain is quite intense, but I'm only feeling it when I take a deep breath. When I'm just taking normal breaths, nothing seems out of the ordinary. It only lasts for a few minutes and it always comes back on a different spot. Sometimes it hurts on my back (on the upper right side), but the next time I could be feeling pain on the front of of my chest (which is pretty weird I think).

I had a pretty bad case of pneumonia 3 years ago (lost nearly 20 pounds, and I weigh only 126) and I was sick for 5 weeks. Also, when I'm sick, it always seems to affect my lungs. I've had bronchitis for I don't know how many times and I'm always coughing and stuff in the winter.

Could it be that my pneumonia is getting back or am I worrying too much? %-)



I'm a 17 Y/O girl also and I've had the same problem.

At different points in time, I encounter sharp chest pains which feels like my heart is skipping beats, yet in the past my mother took me to a medical clinic to have an EKG done along with a full physical. Not one problem was found with the EKG but I continued to have those chest pains.

I believe it's non-cardiac chest pain. I hope this article helps any.

From reading this and finding out there are other people my age who deals with the same thing I'm not all worried anymore. :-D