I had this IND surgery back on 1/1/07 and a drainage tube installed many inches up into my abdomen via my left butt cheek. A few weeks later the drainage tube was removed completely. I am a very healthy person so the gluteal area that is being packed keeps healing over, but since there is more to drain (higher up) the wound keeps bleeding out and the tunnel reopening to provide drainage. This has been going on for 5 months and the surgeon seems to think there is no problem with it continuing over a year. Since I use a wheelchair secondary to paralysis, my function is incredibly reduced since most of my day must be off of the incision wound.

Isn't there another way to handle this?

If he puts the tube back in and tapes it instead of stitching it, can't I take off the tape a few hours each day (when I'm laying in bed anyhow) and let the body slowly heal and push the tube out on its own accord, consistently giving it the drainage opportunity it needs?

Or, couldn't the tube be brought out perhaps 1/2 inch per week to give the drainage a better chance?

I meet with him in two days again - any ideas or leads to articles i could print for him would be very helpful. Thank you.