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I had a bilateral bunionectomy four weeks ago. I appear to be healing quite well... My wounds are mostly closed, but the skin is very dry but occasionally I notice a bit of fluid trapped under the skin when my feet are hot and swollen at the end of the day, which oozes onto my compression bandages. Do you think this is the start of an infection? My other concern is that I am walking on the outsides of my feet, which is causing my tailors bunions to hurt now. It's so bad that I am unable to walk in bare feet! I'm worried that the pain is going to be long term. Has anyone else experienced this?


I had a bunionectomy on April 3 and it's been four weeks since surgery. I have a hard scab on my incision however, when my foot gets moist it begins to ooze a liquid and my doctor said it's normal.

Every time I put my sock on or a bandage on the wound it becomes soft and sticks to the bandage.

Will my wound ever heal?!!!