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Dear All,

I had first acute pancreatitis in dec 2000 Hospitalized for 03 days
Next attack occured in aug 2006
My Amylase & lipase were always 03 times higher
I have Hiatus Hernia
My CT Scan,MRI Scan,MRCP,Colour doppler suggested normal Pancreas
No Calcifications
IGG4 normal,ANA was Negative
I have several attacks 05-06 over a period of 2 years but every time its acute pancreatitis & the doctors did not find any stones . My Pancreatic duct is also normal in size.

Is there anyone who coule help me to find out the cause / suggest some remedie to avois reoccurence. I am a non-alcoholic & non-Smoker.

Thanks in advacne,

Raj V


my guess would be check for gallstones,,,,,,,, asap