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Hi Guyzz please help me.

i got a red pimple like bump on my base of penis last month 18th (may).

i applied clear gel at first, then once i applied benzil peroxide.later i started applying t-bact ointment.

now the upper skin is peeled off and its pink in color, not even 1cm in diameter.

but now its little bit bummy. no hairs at that region. its been 2 weeks but still its there.

it doesn't look like syphilis chancre?

please any one let me know what it is

how much days does it take to heal  a pimple like thing on your genital area?

it started like a small pimple - it was little bit itchy then stopped , skin is peeled off in that region. pink in color now - no hairs

i'm sexually active, i always have protected sex.

is it std are transferred via protected sex?i'm fully worried about it.what is it ?syphilis?genital herpes?any other std?


Thanks and Regards


Hi Speed,

How about it being a pimple?

You CAN get them down there easily. 

Give it a few more days if you think it's healing.  It can take a few weeks to be completely gone.