hey guys i need your help, i notice a few days ago my virgina  was itching me an it also feels tender, when i wipe i have to be careful if not i have intense burning, so i put a glass down there an look, an notice that i have rashes down there, it looks like when you go out in the sun an got sun burn, it has that reddish colour i dnt have any  bumps or anything, but its itches, i had a yeast infection once been a long time, an then i have a bump in my butt, the past few weeks i been wearing thongs an that does it to me sometime if am just wearing only thongs, but am worried as to what it can be, am going tot he doctor on Monday, an praying its just a yeast infection, because if its something more than that, my husband have alot of explaining to do, has anyone have the same issue?