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I had a pain when urination for the entire summer and my mom thinks it is a yeast infection. After taking the Anti-fungal creme for 2 weeks it got better but then all of a sudden it got worse. Is this normal?


I don't know if you've gotten checked for a urinary tract infection. If not, I suggest you do so.

If it is just a yeast infection, you may not be able to get rid of it if it's in your entire body. Many people get a candida yeast overgrowth starting up in the sinuses down into the groin area. It's mostly housed in the small intestine.

The best way to get rid of candida is to starve it out. You'd have to change your diet to do so. If you'd like to do this, you can respond to this thread or write me a private message. I won't type it out right now because 1) most people don't want to do it and 2) it's rather lengthy.