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Hi, im a 19 YO male and in a 2 year relationship with my girlfriend. Back in Nov 07 we split up and recently got back together on the 25th of Jan 08. I am not sure if she was sexually active during this period when we were not together. We recently had sex again for the first time since getting back together and I have discovered some red spots on the head of my penis under the foreskin. They are about 1/2mm in diameter. They don't hurt, itch or anything like that. I am however still scared I may have a STI or something. The spots are not raised either; they are simply like little blotches on the skin. Does anyone know what they might be or any advice? Cheers.


Spots on the penis are very common. Most are not Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Added to that you state they are not painful--that rules out quite a few STD's.

You should however follow-up with your doctor to make sure.