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I have not had any sexual contact for some months and when I do i always use a condom. However last week the day after I maturbated I noticed a red splotch on the glans. It is not itchy, there are no blisters, except that the patch has gotten a little bigger.

I have been using bactroban on it, but it hasn't changed much, except it appears that the skin has peeled in places and I notice tiny watery areas. The red patch is not bright or deep red, just darker pink perhaps. It's almost like an abrasion or rash - still I am a bit concerned and embaressed to go to my GP (who is very religious).

I would be mos grateful for any advice or possibilites of what it might be?
Regards, Anthony



No worries. I have something similar, which i got from having unprotected sex. Luckily its not an STD.

In my case it was from the girl having a YI. I have been using lotrimin AF and its clearing up.

The skin will likely peel, and the spots will go away in about a week or so.

Shower 2 times a day if possible, AIR DRY, do not use your towels on your weener. Clean them ASAP. Put the lotrimin or similar product on in the morning and at night before you go to bed, but not too much.

Dont use powders (AF powders) this will make you peel.

Also, dont worry about going to the doctor, this kind of thing can be picked up in a shower or any other communal type of place.