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I know this has been asked so many times but I cannot get a definitive answer to calm my nerves. I'll start from the top. Around almost 3 weeks ago it's been now, I stupidly had unprotected sex on the beach with this girl I used to fool around with a while ago. I have no reason to believe she isn't clean. I went home that night, woke up the next morning and everything was fine. By the time I went to bed that night I had about a dozen red spots all over the base of the shaft where the hair begins to the about mid way up the shaft. The head seemed to be a little irritated as well. The next day it was the same but I stupidly masterbated that night. I want to add I have had no itching, burning, pain or anything at all at that time or ever since. There were also some small red dots on the head of my penis that became more evident when I masterbated. That wasn't such a good idea as it dried my skin creating a "shiny" layer that flaked off within a couple of days. That's not what I'm concerned about though. About a week after the red non raised spots appears, they started to go away but then in the middle of my shaft 3 raised red bumps appeared but with no "white head" or anything. I squeezed and a little white stuff came out and that was it. It was then I really thought I could have herpes. I've been reading so much on what it could possibly look like and it's been seriously freaking me out. I think when I masterbated that could have maybe done something to irritate the area but I have no idea. The 3 little spots never hurt and started to go away after I popped them. It was then I decided to see my doctor but couldn't see him for over a week. Another week went by and all the the redness was pretty much gone and that spot that I was worried about went away without scabbing or anything. It was then 4 days before I went to see my doctor and I looked on my penis and there was a decent sized what looked like to be a pronounced white head zit towards the base of my shaft. I popped it and it hurt a bit but it was large. It never "scabbed" over it just went away like a zit on my face would. I went and got in the doctors office and I told him everything I had just typed. I even showed him a picture I took of the area that I spoke of previously. He said based on everything I've told him herpes is not likely. Possible but not likely. There was nothing for him to see but a small red part of skin so he couldn't get a culture test so I took the blood test. I'm aware even if I am positive I won't even test positive for it for over two months. I honestly don't know what to think. Also the day after I saw him, ANOTHER white head zit appeared in the middle of my shaft. I popped it and it is almost completely gone now. The doc said i could have had an extra amount of yeast present which is why I'm getting a red rash/spots on the head of my penis. The thing is, it's been almost 3 weeks now since I first started having problems and now I have no idea what to think. I don't even want to have sex because I don't want to possibly transmit anything to anyone. I want to say again I haven't experienced any itching, burning, or any discomfort. And I'm NOT telling a damn person any of this especially if I'm not sure. Please help me with this I appreciate any input. I'm a 21 year old man in college and this whole thing makes me want to literally cry. Thanks 


Can't ANYONE please give me a response????