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One day I woke up I don't excetly  remember but felt like a sharp pain in my vagina felt like I had to scratch it and my clitoris area too was itchy. A day or two later it hurt to pee like burning kinda but I've had a UTI before and when I went pee it hurt why worse . I didn't think anything if it until I wiped..theslightest contact hurt kinda sharp sometimes when I walk or sit or something rubs against it ,it hurts my looks like my clit and clitoris hood is really swollen and red my labia minora is really swollen also. I look a mirror too look at my Vagina and the opening is very red . On the good of my clitoris it looks like there is a cut. Awhile ago i had this problem before but not as bad or intense but it didn't hurt to Lee that time. This time it does . I'm going to the doctor today' to see what's going on. Just very anxious it is going on this long it's been a week or almost a week


I'm havingthat problem as well and very worried. It looks abd feels as of there is something like wet tissue coming out my clit as well and it is very painful