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I had a UTI for almost two months due to two misdiagnosis' and after the UTI meds I felt better, but gained a new symptom. My clitoris started to burn & feel irritated. The burning and irritation is mild, but annoying. I also have white cheesy build up around the clitoris, which I heard is smegma, but I don't get why it burns/is irritated. Smegma shouldn't do that. My vagina is also quite swollen, I think. I cleaned my hands and put two fingers up my vagina, to see if it burned there too, and it did (it also felt a lot tighter than usual). When I pulled my fingers out I had white crumb-like (discharge?) stuff on my fingers. My vagina doesn't hurt unless I put two fingers up it, which I only did once. I recently had my period and it didn't hurt to insert/use tampons. It doesn't burn to pee unless the pee hits the clitoris, where the mild burning/irritation is. Sometimes maybe once or twice a day, it itches for a few seconds, but my main symptom is burning/irritation. My discharge itself seems normal. Clear'ish white'ish color, sometimes with a yellow'ish tint to it, maybe. What could this be? I'm worried! If it help, I'm 18, and not sexually active. 


Hi Tracy,

Your symptoms are VERY consistent with those of bacterial vaginosis

They often happen after a course of antibiotics, such as you had for your UTI. The antibiotics disrupt the balance of bacteria.

It could also be a form of a yeast infection.

See your doctor.