Hi there. I'm hoping I could get some advice. There's quite a lot about this online however none of it seems to apply to me as I have been able to rule out a lot of things. I'm a 19 year old female and in the past few days I've experienced severe itching and burning solely around the labia lips of my vagina and above and around my clitoris. It is red and irritated but could just be from me itching. Urination does not hurt or burn in the slightest and there is no irregular discharge. I don't feel any discomfort around my vulva or inside my vagina. The only discomfort is the itching and burning around my labia and clitoris. The burning feels almost as if I have a cut down there, but the burning sensation does not stay in the same spot like a cut would.

I have no allergies, I don't use lotion, and my body wash is Dove unscented. I do not, nor have I ever, shaved the area down there so it's not razor burn as I'm fairly hairy. This has caused itching before but has not been like this.

I have never had sex or been physically active down there with anyone, however I masturbate very frequently (like every day). I have avoided masturbating since it started about a week ago, thinking maybe it was just irritated and would go away. I'm worried that perhaps I did cut myself in that area with maybe a fingernail or I was just too rough? I've never tried using lubricant as I get fairly wet already and usually use spit. I also use a toy (well, hairbrush handle) for penetration but clean it as best I can before and after use. But perhaps this is related to bad bacteria or an infection?

Also I run a lot and I have thick thighs, so I get some chafing. Currently right now I am chafed in the crease (pantyline) of my thighs and vagina and am experiencing discomfort from that. The panties I was wearing right before it happened were not cotton. Is it possible for vagina lips to become chafed?

I am hoping this is a problem that will go away on its own or be solved with an over the counter medication or cream of some kind as it is extremely difficult for me to make an appointment with a gynecologist or go to a clinic (strict parents, long story). I know I wrote a very long entry, I'm just hoping to get some good advice. Nothing online has helped because I've been able to rule it all out. I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has on this subject or any suggestions about anything I have mentioned! 

While I'm at it, how can I convince my mother that all girls my age need to visit a gynecologist regardless of if they are sexually active or not? 

Thanks so much!