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my husband is 30 yrs old, software engineer. he is having fluctuations in b.p. like 110/65 , 130/80,140/70. he is not a smoker/alcoholic. he drinks coffee once in awhile. no medical issues. he does exrcise regularly. daily he checks bloodpressure & noticed these fluctuations. iam worried about the cause for these fluctuations. he is recording blood pressure under normal conditions . please let me know the solution for this as soon as possible.


Fluctuations in blood pressure can be caused by a number of things, such as what he has eaten or drank, the time of day, his mental state, how the blood pressure is measured, what he is using to measure the blood pressure.

To minimize the fluctuations:
1. Take your blood pressure at the same time every day.
2. Do not consume any beverage that might impact your blood pressure (coffee, alcohol, any caffinated beverage including tea).
3. Use a reliable blood pressure measuring device. Don't go cheap when buying one of these things.
4. Have someone else measure your pressure.
5. Measure your pressure while sitting down with your feet on the floor.
6. Relax. There is some antisipation anxiety when you are concerned that your pressure might be high. Think positive. Relax.