Well, for good or bad, I have my plan of action. Great surgeon, thank God. All from comminuted and impacted distal and radius fracture I face 4 surgeries. Redo of carpal tunnel release, release of ulnar nerve causing considerable pail to elbow up to shoulder, work on tendons on top of hand (can't even stand pressure of splint, then replace joint in middle finger, correct another trigger finger ring finger, will have to hahe permanent placed on top of hand, is that enough? Wrist next to fx. Excruciating. If that isn't enough left hand is exhibiting many of same symptoms. I just keep smiling. Begin first surgery 9/16. Mom actually experienced malignant hyperthermia and the anes.woke me up during last surg. due to low! B/P. A real treat. And I am difficult to sedate plus low pain tolerance. I guess its up to God. Thanks for asking. Still having trouble with severe closed head inj. One year ago. An ignama..that's me. Marths Andriekus P.S. I know there will be a permanent plate and screws on top of hand when all is done.