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Mascara is the eye-opener of the beauty industry, the beauty tool that helps you look wide awake in an instant. But mascara can contain some harmful, toxic chemicals that could be dangerous for your health. Learn more about mascara with this article.

Mascara is a beauty essential - it's used everyday by makeup artists and beauty lovers alike to open up the eyes and give lashes a fluttery, flirty look.

Some mascaras are designed to add length to lashes, while others are designed to add thickness, volume and color.

Millions of people use mascara everyday, but the issue with mascara is that many brands are made with synthetic dyes, minerals and chemicals that can cause irritation, itching and redness. Some of these chemicals can even be carcinogenic. We all knew that striving for perfection and beauty was a little bit intoxicating, but who knew it could be toxic?

What Goes Onto Our Bodies Is Just As Important As What Goes Into Our Bodies

We all think about what we put into our bodies in the form of what we eat and what we drink. We know that if we eat the right foods, we can nourish our skin from the inside out, and if we drink enough water, we can hydrate our skin and flush out toxins.

But we tend to not think about what we put onto our bodies in the same way that we think about what we put into our bodies.

Some of the common chemicals and toxins found in hundreds of different branded mascara are explained in a little more detail below.


Phthalates are a chemical found in literally hundreds of beauty products, including mascara. Phthalates are an anti-androgen chemical, which means that they interfere with hormones in the body. In young girls, studies have shown that exposure to phthalates can cause early puberty and throughout pregnancy, phthalates can even cause birth defects and deformities.

They can also damage the liver, lungs and kidneys whilst also interfering with the reproductive system. If you're pregnant, trying to get pregnant or in puberty, it's definitely a good idea to steer clear of phthalates. 


You might not think that fragrance would have a huge effect on the toxicity of a mascara, but it really does. Most beauty products contain fragrance as the smell of chemicals isn't really very pleasant, but hundreds of thousands of different chemicals could be added to mascara in order to give it a distinctive scent.

The Environmental Working Group rates fragrances in mascara at an 8 out of 10, 10 being the most dangerous for your health. Some chemicals used to create certain fragrances have a vast range of side effects, including rashes, mood issues, headaches and hormonal imbalances. 

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