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Users comments and reviews on article Helicobacter pylori: The Bacteria that Cause Ulcers by MariAnne


Thanks!!!!!Can this Bacteria spread through coughing or sneezing..


A lot of people are still under the false impression that you can get sick from stress and that if you don't relax that you'll get an ulcer. I think it's funny because THIS right here is what gives you ulcers but people still aren't very well educated on it. I think that more people definitely need to read this article! Thank you for posting this!


I had the triple dose but just found out Im pregnant, will this medication affect my baby ? I was about 2-3 weeks preg while taking the med.


Hi again,

Sir i tested again for Hiv Rapid Kit (SD Hiv 1/2 3.0)
1. He taken my blood
2. Then seperated Serum
3. He taken 3 drops of my serum in hiv kit
4. He used 2 drop Buffer assay solution
5. After 5 min My result was clear... Only control was Dark..

6. After 20 Min I saw a Very very Light Weak line on T1.(Hiv 1) My tech. told Its Corss reactive of some antibody. and he told after 15 Min we never read the result. He said your are negative.

7. I was so Confused asked to doc he said Negative. he told to go for ELISA Test.

8. ELISA test Done I got Negative... I got doubt I asked for Western Blot.
9.I done Western Blot I got Negative Again.

10. 1 month Before I tested For TB Rapid Kit, I was Positive in IgG, Negative in IGM.

11. So confused as asked Doc, He told Go for MTB PCR..
12. I got MTB PCR negative...
13. Some one told me if you get TB it related to HIV... be safe
14. So i Did HIV-1 RNA PCR... I got Negative result.

So finally I did Hiv DNA PCR, Hiv RNA PCR, Elisa, Rapid Kit, Tridot, Combiadis method. And TB Rapid Kit, MTB PCR, Spetum Test and Mantoux

EVery Test came Negative, Bur Rapid KiT was Doubtful.... I am So confused.....

Last test i have did Hiv RNA Viral Load: The result Viral Load is less than detectable limit (100ml) What do this result mean?
I am positive or negative...

My Cd4 : 810
cd8 : 855
cd3 : 1250
cd4 & cd8 : 45%
Cd3 : 49%
Cd4 ratio 1%

Weather I am suffrieng From TB or HIV...........

PLease Help Me sir.. I have a Family... One 11 month KID, Inocent Wife... I want to Protect Them.... I am ready to Die... but want to save my Family.

For that reason I am going under this test.....
I need a Good response... What to do Next.


It sounds to me like you are not HIV positive and I don't know who told you that TB is related to HIV but that's not true.It sounds to me like you're negative on both accounts. Does that help?