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I am new to this site so please forgive me if I am not very open but anyway I am 15 (nearly 16) years old and I have never retracted my forskin, I have masturbated alright no pain I can ejaculate but sometimes it comes out fine and sometimes I have to almost (sorry for the lack of better words) but squeeze it out. Going to the toilet is all fine no problems and no pain. And after going round this site I have some ideas that might help but still very confused on what I should do. I must masturbate 1-5 times a day depending on how I am feeling. But the forskin is almost like a cone shape I can feel the head of my penis but have yet to see it. And one more problem sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, the forskin might be a little red. Not able to see any pattern to when it is and when it isn't so to me it is almost random as to when it is a little red. But other than that I can do everything fine just not retract the forskin, I have seen videos and people say it can do it natrually so I assume it just needs a strech but is there any technique to this or is it just grab the forskin and gently strech it a few times each day until the penis can move the forskin over it naturally? Thank you for your time and your help on this matter

And if it helps I am 6ft 1 and 11 stone. My penis is 5-6inches long when errect.


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If you start stretching it just go gently or you could cause tiny cuts that could cause problems in later life.
If you find it easier to talk 1 to 1 about it send me a private message and i will help you out. I went through the same problems as you at 14 but never really had anyone to talk to about it.
Hope you get on ok and good luck with the stretching