for the past three years i starting having episodes where it feels like something is moving out over my right ribs and it hurts so bad. I've learned i can't lean forward in certain positions or it will happen' only yesterday while at work i was leaning over slightly and to the side a little and it happened. It was the worst one yet. I immediately put my hand over my ribs and i could literally feel it moving what i thought was across my ribs but pretty sure its under my ribs. It hurt and i felt I couldn't breathe and believe me I did not for a little while. It eventually stopped but today still my rib cage hurts so bad' feels bruised and I'm to the point I'm afraid to move in any direction that my make that happen again and I know it will. I'm kind of leaning towards a ventral hernia or some type of hernia. But my question to others is' have any of you had a colonoscopy before these episodes started? I just fine it odd that it started soon after I had a colonoscopy done.