Please I want to know what to expect after a craniotomy. My dad fell down about a month ago after a mild stroke and had some fluid/blood in between the brain and skull. He had an operation to relieve the pressure two saturdays ago,after a few days he got better and was moved out of the I.C.U, but we were told that he pulled the scope in his skull and that cause another bleed. The doctors took him back to the theatre to put it back, he has been in the I.C.U since thursday. He hasn't said much and he is unable to swallow. He sleeps most of the time and the doctors keep telling me that he needs rest. Isn't he supposed to be back to his old self by now? Why has he been sleeping? When will he get out of the I.C.U? Noone is telling me anything. They just tell me not to worry but that makes me feel worse. Kindly furnish me with what to expect.
Thank you
Waiting for your prompt response