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I've been reading through some posts and can relate to a lot of you with 'digestive problems.'

For the past few years since I've been at university I've suffered from really bad digestive symptoms. Whenever I eat I get stabbing pains in my stomach, gas, sometimes I have to rush to the bathroom, my bowel movements are rarely normal, my tongue is covered in ulcers, I get very bloated and feel nauseous. I get tired easily and often feel light headed.

Doctors kept telling me it was stress, but I wasn't totally happy with that dianosis! So over the summer holidays at home I started a gluten free diet. It worked perfectly and I'd never felt better. But now that I'm back at university I am exhibiting the same symptoms again. Doctors say it's IBS...but I don't want IBS!

If anyone has any alternative suggestions I would really appreciate them. Gluten free helps, but I still get problems. They seem to get worse when I eat yoghurt, fruit and nuts...and meals...


My father was diagnosed with celiac about a year ago after he had a scope ran on his stomach. There is also a blood test that can be ran to test for celiac. Though I can't remember what blood test it shows up in I do know in his case it caused anemia.
I do think he was told the only way to know for sure was to run a scope so they could test the lining of his stomach.
Hope this helps.