I was eating to much pepper food and then I caught external hemorrhoids last months it went away in like but then i was most of the time straining when into use the bathroom . I didnt know by straining u could catch internal hemorrhoids + I wasn't drinking enough water so that made the situation worst I guess . so one day I went use the bathroom and it was kind of stinging and I was straining too and when I look I had blood in my stool I went to the emergency room and the doctor it was internal hemorrhoids that was 23rd of June now its July 26 a month and I still have internal hemorrhoids. I'm only 14yrs old and almost every time I make a bowel movement I have to take pain relief medicine because there is a lot of pain even when my bowel movements are soft. I have suppositories that the doctor prescribed me but its uncomfortable inserting it in and especially when I'm still in pain from my last bowel movement.