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for the last day I've been getting severe burning pain around my stomach nearly immediately after eating. and not just one type of food has set it off. Not sure if it's something I should see the doctors about or wait it out as it's only been one day but it's bad enough to make me need need to lay down. 


Have you had any digestions problems before, like occasional heartburn or problems with bowels? Did you have your apendics taken out? And how old are you? Do you take any medications? Its hard to say what is going on based only on "it hurts after meals", that's why I'm asking all these other things. And what makes the pain subside?
If the pain is too strong, than you should skip the guessing and waiting and go see the doctor as soon as you can. It still can be nothing more serious than stomach bug, but the pain is there for a reason and definitely don't ignore it.


18, and I have had problems before a few years ago I used to get rather painful stomach cramps at random times but that stopped. Do get occasional heartburn but then I tent to drink a bit too much coke. Other then that no medicine, still got appendix. This pain is like nothing I've had before especially with how long the pain lasts and how quickly it happens.


If your stomach hurts only after eating there several diseases but especially three that affect a large number of people around the world are:

If your stomach hurts after eating you should read this!Gastritis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Both gastritis and ulcers are closely related and similar diseases, their symptoms are very similar and both diseases are very common, causing heartburn, stomach pain after eating, gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, constipation, and more symptoms.

A common cause of gastritis and ulcers is a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium is one of the major reasons that most people develop ulcers and gastritis. This bacterium infects adheres to the stomach, causing an excess of acid, which in turn causes gastritis and ulcers and this causes your stomach hurts after eating.

Both gastritis and ulcers can lead to major health problems without treatment and with the passage of time the gastric cancer may appear.

For all the above is very important to look after our health and assist with a medical gastroenterologist.

Irritable Bowel syndrome is another condition placed very common, the United States alone, 14% of the population has suffered from this disorder, in other countries like Mexico to 35% of the population have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome.

Irritable bowel syndrome has many symptoms for it is sometimes difficult to diagnose, the most common are that your stomach hurts after eating, often intermittent abdominal pain, anytime, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal swelling, intestinal dysmotility, in some patients also have fever, nausea and even vomiting.

This syndrome has more symptoms such as esophageal reflux (heartburn), fibromyalgia (muscle pain and fatigue), chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, headache, backache.
What Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

So far has not discovered the exact cause leading to the emergence of this syndrome, but there are factors that most likely originate from this disease are:

After having an intestinal infection many patients develop irritable bowel syndrome, although the causes are unknown.

It is believed that stress is a major cause,

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