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Roughly 5 years ago I got beaten up pretty badly, mainly around the face. Most of it healed well but I was left with what I found out to be a lump of scar tissue in my upper lip on the left hand side. The problem being that it does still cause me some discomfort. The actual lump isn't too big but there seems to be flesh that has formed around it which rubs against my teeth.

My query is, is it possible to make reduce the size of the flesh around the scar tissue. This may seem a fiarly silly question, but exercises to tone the lip or something similar. The actual outward growth is only visible when my mouth is open as it is actually just inside the mouth.

I am aware that I can have scar tissue removal but I may consult my doctor on that one. Although any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I have the same problem with scar tissue on the upper lip following stitches after a fall. There is a lump of scar tissue on the outside and inside of my lip which scraps against my teeth. Very uncomfortable. Anything I can do? I massage with cocoa butter and ice twice a day when possible. the injury is six weeks old.