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several weeks ago i was punched in the mouth and my teeth cut through ny bottom lip. when the cut didnt heal my bottom lip became very swollen and felt like it had a lump inside. i went to the doctor who said it was a lip ulcer and prescribed me penicillin. two weeks later the lump has became very hard and sore and my outer lip still has some tingling and numbness.What could this be from?


Hi there,

Many think that cuts in the lips are nothing to pay attention to. But as you have seen the simple lip cut can turn in to something more complicated and unwanted. The fact is that you might have gotten some sort of an infection in the cut and this is why you might have the lump on your lip now. Have you noticed any burning sensation on your lip? Have you tried to use some creams to ease the lump on your lip? You could try to use some antibacterial creams that you can get over the counter. I hope that this helped you in any way.


Best wishes,