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About three to four months ago i began to notice that the center of my upper lip was covered with a handfull of tiny white bumps, the bumps were only noticable when i "streched" my lip. After further evaluation i noticed similar bumps on the sides of my lips. Some of the bumps have hair growing from them, but it still makes me nearvouse because others are further into my lips than hair will grow. There is a small amount of pain associated with the bumps that is similar to chapped lips. If anyone has any advice please let me know, im stressed. Thank you


i have this  too but my upper teeth are realy bad  sometimes  if a tooth rubs  the  wrong way  or urriates  the lip  this  can cause  the soreness  i think the little white  bumbs  are  tiny cyts that come an go  frome  spicey  hoot auses  spicey foods  hard candys  or popcicles  to cold  any no of reason