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I cant see it as its way at the back of my mouth on my lft upper gums so high its between the top of my gum and the stat of my up inner lip, but i can feel a small lump which really hurts me when i bite and smile.

Im getting really concerned as its giving me so much pain even whaen i talk it is painful.

Im soon to be 21 and i do not smoke and rarely drink alcohol does anyone know what this is.


Your symptoms could be a condition which is called mouth ulcers. This condition usually appears inside of the mouth and can be very painful and as you can see by yourself sometimes even appears on your gums.

 Fever is symptom which is usually accompanies mouth ulcers so it would be wise to measure it. This condition usually appears due to low immune system so the only way to prevent this condition to reoccur is to improve your immune system. You can do this by increasing intake of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and lower the intake of junk and fatty foods.  If you don’t resolve your problem in a next couple of days consult your doctor as you will be, probably, needing antibiotics.