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i got hit hard in the lip hard, how do i reduce the swelling


It is very important that you clean the inside of your mouth and the injured skin with water and clean cloth that should be soft. If you have any cuts inside your mouth wash them with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide may foam sometimes but this is only due to reaction with existing mouth bacteria. Make sure you don’t swallow this solution.

For the swelling of the lip, you should crush ice and put it in a cloth and hold against the swelling. If there’s bleeding, you need to put pressure to the bleeding area for at least 5 mins. If you have some serious and visible cuts you should definitely see a facial surgeon who could put some stitches, so you don’t end up with permanent scarring.

You may be given an antibiotic to prevent infections if there are cuts inside your mouth because there are a lot of bacteria inside the mouth.

I see it’s been two days now. Has the swelling subsided yet? What did you do?