Could lip reduction help with uneven lip color or tone? My problem is that my upper lip seem to be two toned, upper half is dark and lower half is pale, it's like the inner part of my upper lip had extended visibly which caused the image of the upper lip to have uneven color. My lips are very pale combined with dark spots around. I could not even wake up without putting a dab of lipstick. I can be attractive but with this kind of lips, I am afraid to go out without putting on a little lipstick. I wonder if there is a surgery where the pale tone can be tucked inside so that it's not visible, I don't mind my upper lip being dark as long as the lower paleness go away. I am also trying to have my upper teeth pushed in (with the help of my Ortho), so that the pale side (part of inside lip) will curl in a little bit. I don't really know if that will help.