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Has any person of color had lip reduction surgery and is very happy with the results? I had the surgery, but after healing I couldn't see the difference in lips size? Can anyone recommend a doctor for a second try?


:-D I am also, looking for a doctor to perform this surgery, if possible, in the NYC area? I would like to make my lips smaller ;-)


Did you have the surgeon remove alot from your regular size? I am also considering lip reduction for my bottom long did it take for the swelling to completely go away? Your info would really help.


Hi Ivory,

Well, I couldn't wait to see the final results, so I posted my first message a month after the OP, but the final results may not be seen until approximately 3 months. Now they looks pretty fine, not so large as they were but also not so small. At first, I thought my lips are still the same size, but 3 months later they look fine, so I'm satisfied now :-)

Let me explain how was it.

The surgical lips reduction is also called augmentation. The surgeon will remove a sliver or larger section of tissue from the inside of your lip and suture it with either dissolvable or non-dissolvable type sutures.

You can definitively expect swelling after reduction. You may feel numb for a while as well and find that drinking and eating may be difficult, but this will pass 2 weeks after stitches removal. The sutures are usually removed at day 7-10 if they are non-dissolvable and it may sting a little bit. You can have a shot of anesthetic but it usually hurts more to receive the shot that to have the sutures removed.

I had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic too, so before you do that first discuss with your surgeons what post surgical protocol he recommends.

In your case it will be much easier because you want to reduce the bottom lip only, but as I said, talk first with your surgeon about it and let him/her give you advice for your case.

I wish you luck, and let us know about your decision.


Hi "best"

Thank you for replying to my posting. Your reply is great and I appreciate your info. I did go to two different surgeons in NY for consultation on the procedure. I have a well rounded idea of what will take place, however I am not sure how they will know that I am allergic to the anesthesia...should I go see my general doc first and let him do some kinda testing or something?...I really want to do this but have been looking for somebody who underwent through this whole procedure first. I asked the docs to be able to talk to one of their patients whom they performed the surgery on but they were a little hesitant, and told me I have to let them know that I will go through the procedure first. I would love it to be able to contact you for you to explain this more in details, so that I can be more comfortable with my decision. I'm planning to do this sometime in July b4 my birthday. Holla back whenever you get the chance. Thanks so much! :-P


Hey Ivory,

I think we cannot exchange emails here, it's not allowed email exchange on forums or??

However, if you have questions just feel free to share it here, and the community will help you ... Here's coming a lot of doctors too, so maybe you can ask for advice directly from specialists ... Anyway, I like to help other people if I can, so you're welcome here. You can always find me here, because last months I met a lot of ppl here and they helped me to survive some emotional crises I had, moreover I learned a lot about health care and how to avoid some unhealthy stuff. From this day I live on my own and above the rest, I live healthy! :-)

Talk to you soon ...

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-what is the difference/best of the two: dissolvable or non-dissolvable stitches
-what i sthe pain level during and after stitching
-how long is swelling completely over
-Dos and Dont's (activities..ex: exercise, brushing teeth, applying lipstick...) (after how long)
-Final results seen
-Any recommended doctors (NY)
-Cost of procedure
-Are the results natural looking (I've seen one that looked like she was pulling and holding on to her lower lip - very unatural looking)

Please anybody feel free to reply to any/all of the questions above.
Thanks :-)


Hey Ivory, I'll try to give the answers on some of your questions:

what is the difference/best of the two: dissolvable or non-dissolvable stitches

Nowadays, many physicians are using some form of dissolvable stitches (also called absorbable sutures). Dissolvable stitches differ from non-absorbable stitches because they are naturally decomposed by the body and don't usually require a follow-up doctor's visit to remove the stitches or check on the wound. Dissolvable stitches are made from natural materials, such as processed collagen (animal intestines), silk and hair. Your body is programmed to remove foreign substance and stitches are a foreign substance, therefore it will be absorbed and dissolved by the body itself. When the stitches are dissolved, the wound is completely healed. That’s my experience with dissolvable stitches. Non-dissolvable stitches need to be removed by the doctor. That’s the difference.

what i sthe pain level during and after stitching

Just use a shot of anesthetic but it usually hurts more to receive the shot that to have the sutures removed. I’ve alerted my surgeon about this ... But as I said I was allergic to anesthetic therefore my surgeon had used another anesthetic method.

how long is swelling completely over

In 3 weeks after stitches removal the swelling was completely over (in my case)

Dos and Dont's (activities..ex: exercise, brushing teeth, applying lipstick...) (after how long)

You may feel numb for a week or two after OP as well and find that drinking and eating may be difficult. During teeth brushing you need to be tenderly of course :) and forget the lipstick first month, it could cause the inflammation.


No special risks ... Check your status with anesthetics, if you are allergic or not, because this can be dangerous... However your surgeon will ask you about this.

Final results seen

I'm pretty satisfied. It looks like this image below: Pretty natural.

Cost of procedure

cca. $1400

Any recommended doctors (NY)

Here is the list I got: Fredric J. Cohen, M.D., P.C. 1513 Voorhies Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11235 Telephone: (718) 332-5617 Leonard Grossman, MD New York Center For Plastic Surgery 3039 Emmons Avenue Brooklyn New York 11235 Telephone: (718)934-5500 Andrew Jacono, M.D., F.A.C.S. New York Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery 900 Northern Boulevard, Suite 130 Great Neck, New York 11021 Telephone: (516) 773-4646 Fredric J. Cohen, M.D., P.C. 61 East 66th Street New York, New York 10021 Telephone: (212) 452-0077 Minas Constantinides, M.D., F.A.C.S., P.C. NYU Medical Center 530 First Avenue, Suite 7U New York, New York 10016 Telephone: (212) 263-5882 Leonard Grossman, MD The Royal Touch Cosmetic Center 159 East 74th St. Ste. 1M New York, New York 10021 Telephone: (212) 585-2133 Daniel C. Morello, M.D., F.A.C.S. 531 East 88th Street New York, New York 10028 Telephone: (212) 517-9999 Oleh Slupchynskyj, M.D. Aesthetic Facial Surgery Center of New York 44 East 65th Street (between Park and Madison) New York, New York 10021 Telephone: (212) 628-6464 I'm from Canada and I made the reduction in Toronto. However, I've heard a lot about Dr Cohen.  I wish you the best! ^|^ Best


Hi best,

You really are the best...thanks so much for answering to all of my questions, and even including a pic. To be honest with you, I thought u were african american since most of us are the ones with the full lips. But it did turn out great, I would have never guessed that you had a reduction, it is so natural looking. U go girl!...How were ur lips b4 then? Did you do both or just the bottom lip? Do you have a b4 pic too? so i can see the difference. I'm thinking of just doing the bottom only (it's a little droopy looking) When did you finally see the results cuz i know you posted previously that u did not see the results right away, was it after a month or more? And when did you go back to work or school? aka (how long did u hide for?) :$
Get back whenever time allows you. Thanks a bunch!!

ps. i would give you many of my votes but since i'm still new and only have 8 posts, i can't. I will after I get my 20 as required.


hihihi ....

No I'm not AfroAmerican (as you can see on this pics) ... However, I love the natural fullness of AfroAmerican lips. My bottom lip was something different. I was born with misshapen bottom lip. Later when I was 8 yrs old, I had a correction surgery, but when I was in puberty I noticed that the surgeon didn’t make good job and I couldn't be satisfied with it. However, almost a decade later I decided to reduce my bottom lip, or to make it just to looks better. Here is one of biggest and nearest photo shots of my bottom lip before:

To be honest, the final results you can see only when the swelling is completely gone. In my case it happen 3-4 weeks after surgery. Of course I came back to work right after 10 days. My bottom lip was swollen, but it was not markedly. It looked better and smaller then before surgery :D

Ivory, thanks for your wish to vote for me, and yes you need to post I think 10 or 20 posts until you can vote :? However, I wish you all the best, and I hope you'll find the right surgeon and take the right decision. It's not easy to decide to make surgery when you're completely healthy, but if you think this will make you happy, then just do it. Believe me, now I'm very happy and satisfied lady and I wish you the same!!!

Talk to you soon ...



what is the name of your doc?..u said u did it in Canada, but the pic u provided is from a doc in NY, i saw that picture today as i did more research %-)


I had a upper and lower lip reduction 3 weeks ago and i don't see any difference. The surgeon told me that it takes 3 months to see the results. Is that true they will be smaller within 3 months or he is lying because i don't understand why they will smaller than they look now that i don't have anymore swelling.


Hi there! I don’t think your surgeon was lying because I got the same answer when I had consultation for lip reduction. I haven’t decided yet and haven’t come up with all the money but I have had troubles with my upper lip being too big and sticking put too much. It makes me look funny and I was always teased about when I was little.

Anyway, I suppose you need to be patient to see your results. I know that 3-4 months sound too long but at least it will great when you finally see it.

I have a couple of questions for you. I was wondering if your surgeon used dissolvable or non-dissolvable stitches, if it hurt at any point, how long it took your face to actually get rid of the swelling and bruising? Did you use anything too speed up the healing?

I was reading about this product called SinEcch. It is some sort of herbal product that aids in post op swelling and bruising!


Hi Jenny,
Mysurgeon used dissolvable stitches. The surgery doesn't really hurt but the stitches and the swelling will be unconfortable for 4 days but after that the stitches will start to dissolve; within 7 to 10 days everything will be gone. I think you should do because like i had very big lips , i used to suck my tongue and i have been teased a lot when i was young so i always had this complex. Good luck and i can't wait to see the final result.


Hi and thanx heaps for your reply and your help!

I hope your lips turn out the way you want them to!

Best Regards