Hello everyone. I'm looking for some advice on my lower lip. When I was 2 I fell and split open my lip which lead to scar tissue development and it left a somewhat noticeable limp on the right side of my lower lip. It didn't really bother until I got to HS and became really self-conscious. I had it removed my a oral surgeon while he removed my wisdom teeth. This was a mistake on my part because while he removed the lump, my lower lip was left quite a bit asymmetrical.

No one other than me can notice it but it's still bothers me. Would going to a experience cosmetic surgeon be my best bet( I'm in phoenix so any suggestions please?) or should I pursue another type of doctor? Btw I'm 19 and male.

There really close up and my lips were chapped when I took them which probably makes it look even worse.

Thanks guys! Any advice is much appreciated.