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I am 28 years old and I am scheduled for a hysterectomy next week. I have had cancer of the cervix 2 times in the last 5 years, both times requiring surgery to remove portions of it. My husband and I were lucky enough to have two girls in those five years. However, the last preganany was hard and I had to spend two months in the hospital on bed rest. I had a larger portion of the cervix removed after my last daughter was born and I had my tubes tied (which I've regretted since). However, over the last several months, I have been having my period pretty much constantly, with a lot of pain and a heavy feeling in my stomach. I have anemia as well, that I just can't seem to get a hold on. My doctor discovered fibroids in the uterus, and suggested I have a hysterectomy to put my problems to rest. I am really scared that the cancer will return with a vengence and I won't be able to fight it off this time. But I am also scared about the side effects. I am worrying how this will effect sex for me and my husband. I have also read that weight gain can occur, is this true? I am keeping my ovaries and I am wondering how long they will function for and what hormone therapy will mean for me. And last but not least, I am rather depressed that this will mean that I will never have another child, we had wanted a house full when my husband and I got married and after 7 miscarriages in that last six years and two healthy kids, I feel a little bit like a failure. I've been ill pretty much constantly with surgery after surgery...I guess I need to know that this will help me and things will get better. Thank you. %-)


I would say you are pretty lucky with two healthy girls, some women are not that lucky and wish they could have at least one child. Although I am against hysterectomy, I would say that it really outweighs the risks in your case.

You have a lot of things going on, bad things and having your uterus removed and cervix (I suppose) could make some of the problems go away. By keeping your ovaries, they will continue to work properly until the time for menopause comes. You will have normal hormonal production and sex drive.
In my opinion ( I am no expert, but my mom had hysterectomy (removed ovaries as well), the biggest problem is the cervix whose removal could lead to depression which happened to my mother. Considering you are at increased risk of cervical cancer again (which seems invasive since it occurred twice in five years), I would say get it out.

I think that hysterectomy would solve most of your problems but I can’t say whether it would cause other problems. This is something you should talk to your doctor, sit down and discuss pros and cons. I understand that you are young and that you would want another child, but don’t risk and leave these two little girls alone just because of your wish to have another one. This is my opinion, you should also talk to your close ones and see what they think but I would just say that you are blessed with your two little girls. Good luck!