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I have had a complete / Total Hysterectomy via the Di Vinchi method and they indeed did remove both ovaries, cervix and uterus. I've felt okay (not great) but okay since the surgery just a tad weak but regaining strength gradually. However, this is the second time I've spotted and I'm just a "tad" concerned as I do not have my ovaries and they did remove everything in my case. I do know the surgeon used those dang disolving stitches and my body has had a tendency to reject those things. It took 10 weeks for the outter one's to disappear I'm sure the inside one's will take longer...or cause trouble possibly?! My question is... have you heard of or experienced any patients that have had it ALL removed and then develope spotting afterwards? Awaiting your response and yes I'm calling my OB/GYN first thing in the AM. :-)


I have also had a complete hyserectomy going on 7 years now. They removed everything...cervix, uterus, ovaries, tubes, endometriosis, and scar tissue and also had to tack my bladder up.  Just recently I have developed pain during intercourse that feels like needles are literally stabbing me up in there and afterwards when I go to the restroom to wipe then I am seeing pinkish blood. Once I wipe it's okay and it does not get on my underwear.  What could be causing this?  I have nothing left up in there. I am wondering if possibly the mesh sling that was used to tack my bladder is messing up.  Does anyone else have this problem.  I am a 44 year old woman.