I am a 19 year old male with scheuermans kyphosis. I am due for spinal fusion surgery in a little over a month, and lately I have been nervous that the correction in my spine might make me appear to have a barrel chest. I got this idea in my head because I noticed that when I attempt to stand erect my rib cage and chest stick out. If I had to guess this is probably due to the fact that I cant actually stand straight, and therefore I end up arching my lower back and sticking out my chest in order to attempt to appear more erect, but I am not entirely sure. When my actually spine is corrected will i still have this issue when standing straight? Has anyone had any experience with this? Furthermore, has anyone here gotten back to weight lifting after a fusion. I am getting my T2 to T10 (i think) fused and my doctor said that i should be able to get back to playing basketball(recreationally) and lifting weights once my spinal has completely fused. This is a huge concern of mine because I am still able to remain pretty active, I mainly have issues with sitting, walking, and standing for long periods (over 20 min). Any info would be greatly appreciated, pretty nervous for upcoming fusion. Thanks guys and sorry for long post.